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In this page you can see the awards my programs or website have received from various other Internet sites.
Lockergnome Award

Clicker v1.0.5 [46k] 9x/2k/XP FREE

{Don't wear out your wrist} Point, click, point, click. We all know how to point, and we all know how to click. But what you might not know is that all of that pointing and clicking can result in some not-so-funny health problems. You know, like, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Yeah, that's not a good thing. Perhaps you can cut down on your risks by using this self-clicking application. It will click the left mouse button if you leave the pointer in one position for a specified amount of time. So? Okay, if that doesn't impress you, perhaps the author's dozen other free programs will. Saver is just as nice!

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